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What is an LLC? How to Set up an LLC in Nevada?

Monday, October 9th, 2017

The types of businesses you can form in Nevada range from a simple partnership firm, to a Nevada C Corporation, or a Nevada Limited Liability Company. What is an LLC? Why should I form an LLC in Nevada? These are some of the questions that we as a Nevada filing service often encounters. An LLC is fundamentally a business organization or more commonly a private limited company. The business structure of LLC combines the benefits of different types of businesses such as the benefits of pass-through taxation of sole proprietorship and the benefit of limited liability of a C corporation or S Corporation. It is important to understand that LLCs are not corporations.

Form an LLC in Nevada


Salient benefits of forming a Nevada LLC    

Why should you form a Nevada LLC? How is it beneficial for you and your LLC? There are several benefits that an LLC can enjoy in the state of Nevada, including:

  • Nevada LLC profits are not taxed.
  • Nevada LLC ownership and corporate shares are not taxed.
  • You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to form an LLC.
  • Nevada LLC’s can issue stock for services, capital, real estate, and personal property among others.

Why start an LLC in Nevada?

Nevada is regarded as one of the most favorable states for forming an LLC. Some of the favorable aspects to forming an LLC in Nevada are:

  • “Pass-Through” taxation: LLC’s formed in Nevada are not required to pay any taxes from a business perspective. If an LLC incurs loss, or gains income, then it is “passed-through” to the owners. Meaning, it is instead reported as the owner’s income tax.
  • Limited Liability Protection: LLC stands for “limited liability company,” which is provided to the members of the Nevada LLC. Members who form an LLC in Nevada are not responsible for any liabilities of the LLC, or any business debts. An added benefit of this aspect is that creditors will not be able to pursue any personal assets of the members to clear business debts. Personal assets include property, bank accounts, etc.
  • No Taxes: When you form an LLC in Nevada, you will be exempt from state level taxes, such as corporate income tax, estate or gift tax, franchise tax on income, unitary tax, and admissions tax.
  • High Level of Privacy: LLC’s in Nevada are not required to file publicly a list of owners. This provides added privacy for LLC owners and investors.
  • Information Sharing: Nevada Secretary of State has no “Information Sharing Agreement” with the IRS.


Nevada Limited Liability Company formation can be quite a challenging task if you are unaware of the specific requirements by the state. The services provided by Incparadise range from assisting with the formation, to understanding how an LLC in Nevada works. We will not only file necessary documents required to get your business formed, we will also ensure that your business remains in compliance with laws laid out by the Nevada Secretary of State.

These services can be provided individually or as a package, so that you may choose only what suits your interests and needs. If you have any questions regarding LLC formation in Nevada, our specialists are here to take you through the entire process.


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LLC name:

The first and foremost step is to identify your LLC with a name. You will need to ensure that the name you have chosen to use is not taken by another entity. Incparadise can assist you with researching  business name availability, or you can search yourself by visiting. 

Nevada Registered Agent:

It is required to appoint a Registered Agent for your LLC. Incparadise can provide this service to you for a minimal fee. As your registered agent, we will ensure that all the necessary requirements are met so that you may run your business smoothly with no added distractions. This includes notifying you of any legal and business related paperwork received on behalf of your LLC.

Articles of Organization:

Once you have confirmed your ideal business name is available, the Articles of Organization will need to be filed. (Pursuant to NRS Chapter 86) As required in the document, you will need to provide the newly chosen LLC name, the name and address of your registered agent, the name and address of managers or managing members, and the name of the organizer. Along with the Articles of Organization, your registered agent must present a Registered Agent Acceptance form. (Pursuant to NRS 77.310) By choosing Incparadise to file these documents on your behalf with the secretary of state, we guarantee that they will be filed accurately.

If you are planning to start an LLC in Nevada, then get our professional help today!

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