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How to Manage Your First Startup

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

What’s the scariest thing about running your own startup? For many, it’s managing, especially with multiple employees.The simple truth’s that being in charge, and responsible for everything, is not so easy as it looks. It helps if your company has divisions, each with its own head, but ultimately the tough questions, and the decisions, end up with you.

How to Manage Your First Startup

Not everyone with a great product or service idea has what it takes to manage well. Sound leadership’s needed, the skill to delegate wisely, a good grasp of human psychology, as well as patienceand understanding toward employees. Thesedefine a good manager. There’s alsostaying current with your market and the changing world, and resilience under pressure. Not every manager claims all these virtues, but the more you have, the better.If your strength is ideas only, it may be best to hire a skilled manager, someone who can keep employees working smoothly and happily.

Sometimes it’s fruitful to share ideas with fellow employees, welcoming their responses, though you must gauge how useful. At the outset,not expanding too quickly may be prudent. Nor should you overproduce and get stuck with unsellable stock. If marketing a service, your company’s fate lieseven more in the hands of your employees, so keeping them encouraged and motivated is indispensable.

Charts and diagrams, when displayed for your staff, can be crucial in steering your business. When everyone’s aboard, measuring goals and progress becomes a collective effort, because success for all depends on it. Employee morale counts.

Knowing your market, and the wider world in which you operate, is basic. You’ll need accurate costfigures, perhaps with aid of an accountant, covering material, tools, promotional events, employee wages, insurance, and other overhead. Ignorance or neglect of these factors can quickly invite crises, even bankruptcy.
If doesn’t always take a genius to run a business, but success has everything to do with careful preparation, a realistic view of the market, and attention to details.Despite this, thousands of new businesses sprout and thrive every year, many providing something the world has never seen before. Such a company could be yours.

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