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Thursday, July 6th, 2017

A resident agent, or registered agent, is an individual or company that is responsible for ensuring that individuals and businesses are represented in their legal matters before the United States government and court system.

It is a necessary requirement that all companies and individuals who plan on utilizing the United States court system retain a registered agent.


If a business or individual fails to obtain a registered agent, they may be subject to harsh criminal penalties.

Understanding what a resident agent is and the services that they provide would benefit the individual or company retaining that agent and be conducive to smoother legal processes in the future. This applies for every company including small businesses and multinational corporations.

By and large, a resident agent is usually a legal expert with expansive knowledge of the united States legal system, and serves as a guide through the complex legal regulations that government entities place on businesses.

Before starting a business, it is wise to learn about what a resident agent does in order to make an educated decision when hiring a resident agent to oversee your legal matters.

Resident agents are your first defense against any sort of legal matter that your business may face.

Without exception, it is crucial that you follow the laws of your nation, and it would benefit you to retain a legal expert if you ever face a troubling legal citation.

Across the United States, there are many resident agents that are suitable for all types of businesses, and thus extensive research may be necessary to find the right one.

Resident agents with more experience and knowledge will likely be more expensive, but any resident agent will suffice for your business.

Since 2002, we have been providing excellent resident agent services from our office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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